Digital Planners for iPad

Digital Planners for iPad

Our collection of planning apps for iPad will be especially useful for people who are new users of a device from Apple. 

Top 5 Great iPad Planners

If you have been using an iPad for a long time, then most likely you already use some kind of software to organize your affairs, which means that you need to expand your application’s functions. Then, it is our selection that will help you with this.

  1. Bear. If you prefer to keep your notes and to-do list together, this might be the perfect app. There is a traditional menu bar that lets you format text, and you can also use the stylus to make small, quick changes. You can also group lists and notes by hashtags, making it easier to find all your tasks.
  2. Habitica. This is a completely different approach to the to-do list that becomes apparent from the moment you download the app. Instead of asking you to complete the first task, you will be asked to create a character. Habitica uses a playful RPG style to motivate you to complete your daily tasks. Complete tasks and your character will receive experience and gold, which can be spent on making him more powerful.
  3. GoodNotes. The app allows you to take notes and annotate PDF documents that are calendars or to-do lists. Thanks to iCloud, they’ll sync across all of your iOS devices. This app allows you to import and annotate to-do lists in your notes.
  4. Remember The Milk. An application with a huge number of options. In addition to the standard creation of reminders with a date, name, and text, you can also organize lists and set up notifications in it: they can come to mail, Twitter, an application on a smartphone, or instant messengers.
  5. Omnifocus. Multi-functional planning and productivity app. Each task is assigned a bunch of parameters to choose from: project, start and end time of work, place, person, resource intensity, availability and priority.

Choice Criteria

There is no answer to the question of which scheduler to install. Usually, the choice depends on the following factors:

  • Ease of use. It implies the ability to customize the task manager following your type of activity, preferences.
  • What you need. Setting up functions should not take a lot of time and be intuitive so that the desire to use it and the confidence in its necessity does not disappear.
  • The size. Electronic schedulers take up some amount of memory that is required to be placed on the device. The more functionality the application has, the more space it will take.
  • Synchronization. Schedulers provide a synchronization function. This is the exchange of information with other devices: work computer, tablet, home computer.

Choosing the right iPad planner app should be based on your preferences. Someone will like a simple reminder, while someone needs the ability to make the group and personal schedules; some have long-term plans, while others only need to make it up for a week. However, the application will be a reliable way to perform all the necessary tasks.

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