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Digital Journal Templates

Digital Journal Templates

Earlier, when accumulating several tasks, people used notebooks, upside-down calendars, tried to simply memorize them, and glue sheets from special blocks onto the monitor. Then with the advent of modern devices, it has become possible to use electronic notebooks. Paper “memos” have moved into the category of electronic journals.

A digital journal is a pocket secretary that will remind you in advance of planned calls, meetings, and tasks. It relieves overload, stress, and forgetfulness. It also increases efficiency, productivity, ensures the correct organization of time, helps to keep up with everything, and not lose focus. This leaves time and energy for personal life and leisure.

How to Choose Digital Journal Templates?

A smart journal can be a simple task manager or a more complex version of organizing your business and even your personal life for a week or longer. According to the level of complexity of use, they can be conditionally divided:

  • For the student. Its task is to remind them to have lunch on time, start homework, clean the room. The planner will take care of these issues, not forgetting to notify the young user about their implementation.
  • For a housewife. For effective planning of household chores, fitness visits, communication, activities with children, recording recipes, films, books. Usually, they have a beautiful visual design.
  • For an office worker. Fulfillment of necessary issues during the day, organization of teamwork, corporate exchange of information, reminders at intervals. These are very important features to be productive.
  • For a businessman. The digital journal helps to organize business meetings and prepare for them. Contacts and information are kept there. It helps to fill out and submit documentation on time. Ranking tasks and drawing up a general picture of employment, creating a “tree” of folders of any complexity, capturing valuable ideas, drawing up schedules and reports.

Best Practices for Digital Journaling

When there are too many things that have accumulated, and it seems that there is no way to do everything, and this is necessary, some pieces of advice will help to take everything under control:

  • make a complete list of all the necessary tasks;
  • prioritize all tasks – important / less important / unimportant;
  • group similar cases together (making calls, paying bills, paperwork, visits …);
  • do not forget about flexibility in the implementation of the plan: the possibility of replacing one case with another, which is more essential at the moment;
  • schedule not 100% of the working time, but taking into account the occurrence of force majeure and other circumstances: 60% of the time – for business, 20% of the time – for unforeseen circumstances, 20% for spontaneity, initiative.

Of course, there is no perfect digital journal template to suit the taste of any user. This is justified by personal preferences, opportunities, workload, employment in various fields of activity, etc. However, having spent some time trying out several options, you can choose the best option from the most popular ones or by testing a new template. This way you can get a great personal motivator-reminder, which will act as an electronic secretary.

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