Best Goodnotes 5 Planner Templates

Best Goodnotes 5 Planner Templates

A digital planner is a great tool for organizing your daily activities and increasing your productivity. Especially for users of the popular Goodnotes app, has been prepared a selection of the best free Goodnotes Templates, containing planners for all occasions.

Add the templates you like to your handwriting application. Enjoy the beauty of their design and the ease of use. Evaluate the benefits of a hyperlinked page structure with clickable tabs and buttons, as well as a board of quick notes and reminders. In addition, users can choose a cover for their planner from a collection of 40 available designs.

Daily Goodnotes Templates

These templates will be a useful tool for creating your personal daily routine. Start planning your daily tasks comfortably, create a to-do schedule and track your progress effectively.

Weekly Templates For GoodNotes

Weekly Goodnotes templates will become indispensable helpers in any field of activity. Download your favored planner in PDF format to your iPad and load it into your favorite note-taking app.

Monthly Templates

Are you looking for a quality, feature-rich monthly planner? Be sure to check out these options, which include everything you need, from your grocery list and expense tracker to a professional budget planner.

Undated Goodnotes Templates

Try how easy it is to use an undated digital planner. Plan your to-do list for any time ahead, prioritize and successfully achieve your goals.

Budget Planner Templates

Every busy person knows how important it is to keep track of finances. With the help of these planners, you can build an optimal budget management system, intelligently tracking all expenses and incomes.

Recipe Book on iPad

Do you like to cook something delicious? Then these templates are just for you, as they allow you to maintain a complete recipe book, write down a detailed list of ingredients, keep track of the contents of the refrigerator, etc.

Meal Planner Templates for Goodnotes

Create your meal plan, write down what you will eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner during the week, month, or any other period. Download the planner to your Goodnotes and enjoy comfortable and fast control with Apple Pencil.

Fitness Planner Templates

Any fitness activity involves an accurate plan for loads and breaks, healthy sleep, and proper nutrition. Thanks to the fitness planner, you can develop the most effective workout schedule and achieve results step by step in strengthening your body.

Wellness Planner Templates

Never forget about yourself and remember that your health and well-being directly depend on what kind of lifestyle you lead. Wellness planners will help you maintain a healthy lifestyle, eliminate stressful situations and get rid of bad habits.

Gratitude Journal on Tablet

These templates motivate you to do great acts and help you appreciate what you do and be proud of what you accomplish. In addition, tips and reminders will allow you not to forget about people close to you, who are valuable in your life and take a direct part in it, and therefore deserve your sincere gratitude.

Life Planner Templates

These awesome planners are called to put your life on the right track. Think about your goals and priorities, change your vision of your daily routine, be happy and achieve what you want!


As you can see, there are really a lot of planners, and each of them will come to the rescue in a particular matter and help achieve the desired results, whether it is planning proper nutrition and fitness training or drawing up a detailed plan for changing your lifestyle. So download the PDF templates you are interested in, upload them to your Goodnotes app, and start planning any tasks efficiently.

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